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The interview
We ’ d like to acquaint you with a pair of unlikely YouTubers , each with a story to tell . The duo has YouTuber personality names to go along with the show : Stephy Steph and Bobby Mc , officially dubbing their YouTube channel “ Between Two Teeth ”. Here ’ s our conversation with these two out-of-the-box thinkers .
Introducing co-hosts Dr . Stephanie R . Ganter , a young , talented board certified periodontal and implant surgeon and Dr . Robert G . McNeill , an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is a board member with the Texas State Dental Board of Examiners . It ’ s important to understand that periodontists and oral surgeons don ’ t usually reside in the same office . The two specialties historically compete for procedures and patients . These two practitioners are showing patients and their peers how they combine the best of both specialties to maximize treatment outcomes and connection .
Ganter : “ Why not ? I mean , as a millennial , I ’ m always on social media . Before we started this channel , I was peripheral to YouTube . It ’ s been fun learning a different platform and realizing how many exceptional YouTubers there actually are . I study different channels trying to pick up key marketing elements to improve our reach . I believe in our message and I want as many people to get exposure . It ’ s not about increasing viewership to boost our statistics , it ’ s about improving our reach to improve the likelihood that the right person hears the right message at the right time .”
McNeill : “ Social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy . I am a reluctant YouTuber . Steph and I wanted to start a conversation that may be helpful to others . I also use a QR code to link to a video on extraction advice for students I work with at the dental school . I was able to refine my purpose as a Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School . I discovered my purpose is to push myself and others to fully live , laugh , and love . This channel is a big part of that mission . I have comments that it might come across as bragging with some of the adventures . We do talk about failure perhaps more than success . I see the overriding value to push others to be the best version of themselves . It has allowed me to grow by not letting others define me . It is okay ( and awesome ) to be different .
“ With the YouTube channel , we wanted to create a space for dentists to share their stories both personally and professionally in a safe , intimate setting ,” states Dr . Ganter . Dr . McNeill adds , “ We decided to pattern this project after the Zach Galifianakis show “ Between Two Ferns ” – I absolutely love the low key quirky vibe .”
You both ride motorcycles , and you both know motorcycles are high risk , why the bikes ?
McNeill : “ I wanted to show a connection to the world , be adventurous and live simple . I love spending time outdoors . Both of us especially enjoy motorcycles because it gives us the freedom to travel light and get to places that might be hard to access otherwise . Most importantly , riding motorcycles is as much about the journey as it is the destination , so we are getting joy out of every second of our time on the road as well as getting to experience some incredible destinations . Greatest part is we aren ’ t rushing to get somewhere – it ’ s enjoyable ”.
Ganter : “ My dad helped me pick out my first motorcycle . I ’ ll never forget it . It was my first year out of periodontics residency . He had ridden motorcycles since he was a kid growing up in Dallas and I was now in my thirties getting my first one . There was a look of pride and absolute terror on his face . For me , it ’ s about getting out of my comfort zone , and being okay with being different . You don ’ t see a lot of females riding motorcycles .”
Why a YouTube channel ?
Photo courtesy of Dr . Robert McNeill
With all of these adventures , how do you find time for creating new content ?
Ganter : “ I like to think of this medium as an extrovert ’ s diary , so there is some stress-relieving intrinsic benefit in creating new content . We have gotten to know each other and ourselves better through our shared experiences . It helps to prioritize the minutes in our lives to make room for what is important to us . That means managing our time wisely , leaving space for the people and activities we enjoy .
McNeill : “ Taking time to savor the moments on the road is a great metaphor for life . A road trip clears the mind , and it can be a great idea generator . It gives us a chance to reflect on what ’ s important in our lives . People often associate motorcycles with danger , but riding them is also a great reminder that finding reward sometimes requires risk – that getting where you want to be might mean doing something that scares you a little .”
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