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“ More is not better , better is better .”
– anonymous
Photo courtesy of Dr . Robert McNeill
What made you decide to pursue even more education beyond what you already have ?
McNeill : I love the quote “ If you are not learning , then you shouldn ’ t be leading ”. We are all leaders . My MBA in healthcare management combined with a fellowship at Harvard has opened my mind to a new way of thinking . Almost a new language . I want to share that knowledge and start critical conversations . I don ’ t know all the answers but I do know some of the questions . I also intend to pivot into a mentoring role and “ Between Two Teeth ” helps accomplish all of these goals .
Ganter : I am currently in a Harvard Surgical Leadership Program . These programs are designed to provide professional development for executives who want to further sharpen their leadership and managerial skills . We wanted to be prepared to start down a slightly different path in dentistry that will help dentists and students find balance and purpose in their lives while pursuing their own professional and personal development . Balancing life and work can be a real challenge but it ’ s something we believe is key to living the fullest possible life .
Are there certain sacrifices you have to make to have a successful career in dentistry ?
Ganter : Yes , a goat every morning before we start . Just kidding . The serious answer is that as healthcare professionals there are no short cuts . We have made choices to be disciplined in our formal education and post-graduate education . Some people go into healthcare because they want to help others and that takes time . The trick is knowing how to balance your time so your choices don ’ t turn into sacrifices . Personally , I ’ ve had to have the hard conversations with myself . ‘ You can have it all ’ – I used to think . Now my thinking has been refined and my stress is much less . You can have it all , but not all at once .
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McNeill : Get involved and say yes when you can . It is difficult for many of us to balance personal and professional time . I do it poorly . Figure out what is meaningful and then manage time in a way that lets you live out that purpose . If we can do that with “ Between Two Teeth ” and get a few laughs along the way , we ’ ve done our job .
Stephanie R . Ganter , DDS , MS is a Board Certified Periodontal and Implant Surgeon practicing at The Dental Specialists - Surgical Specialists . Dr . Ganter has completed a two year fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona School of Medicine and is currently enrolled in a Surgical Leadership Program through Harvard Medical School . Dr . Ganter sits on the Dallas County Dental Society Board of Directors and is also the New Dentist Committee Liaison to the American Dental Association ' s Council on Member ' s Insurance and Retirement Programs . Her most recent project involves traveling on her motorcycle with her co-host and partner in practice creating content for their YouTube Channel : “ Between Two Teeth ”.
Robert G . McNeill , DDS , MD , MBA , FACD is an oral & maxillofacial surgeon with The Dental Specialists -Surgical Specialists in Garland , TX . Dr McNeill is board certified and is currently a board member with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners . He is a former Senior Executive Fellow in public policy and leadership with Harvard Kennedy School and has completed an MBA in healthcare management and leadership . He loves adventures with his boys and playing hockey .
The Dental Specialists - Surgical Specialists 4880 N . President George Bush Turnpike Suite 101 , Garland , Texas 75044 dfwdentalimplants . com ( 972 ) 272-8571 scan here to see the channel