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Drs . Stephanie R . Ganter and Robert G . McNeill
Photo by Ray Bryant , Bryant Studios

Between Two Teeth

an interview with

Drs . Stephanie R . Ganter and Robert G . McNeill

Welcome to the podcast , “ Between Two Teeth ”. “ Would you take a billion dollars to turn 90 today ?”
Well , that ’ s relative . If you were 89 years old reading this or had a complicated medical condition , maybe you would take the money . Alternatively , if you are 20 years old and healthy , probably not . Two critical ideas here : Our time and health are some of our most valuable resources in life , and perspective is everything .
We started with this philosophical challenge of time because it is critical in understanding our purpose for ‘ Between Two Teeth ’. We guide our viewers to take a critical look at themselves and some of life ’ s toughest questions . We want to inspire those watching to think about what really matters . We want to share our collective experiences as a state dental board member , local dental society and ADA council member , MBA grad , new dentist , and not-so-new dentist .
This thinking synergizes our stories with our channel ’ s unique purpose – to push ourselves and others to fully live , laugh , and love .
It ’ s common for professionals to struggle with balancing aspects of their daily lives : the competing demands of children , a full time job , extracurricular activities , and whatever is left over for personal care . Plenty of people think , ‘ there will always be time later to devote to our passions , our friends , our spouse , or our bucket list .’ We even promise ourselves the proverbial … someday . I often quote this lesson on time from the Buddha : When asked what ’ s the biggest mistake we make in life the Buddha replied ,“ The biggest mistake is you think you have time .”
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