NARM Quarterly Fall 2021 - Page 7

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Art Center Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida


Art Center Sarasota’s mission is to provide Sarasota with opportunities for creative expression and art appreciation through art education, exhibitions and cultural programs.

Situated on the historic Sarasota Bayfront, Art Center Sarasota is the center of Sarasota’s visual arts community.

Perfume Passage Foundation

Barrington Hills, Illinois


Perfume Passage Foundation is a not-for-profit 501-c3 organization whose purpose is to provide education and a facility with resources to archive artifacts and related documentation pertaining to perfume, compacts and related vanity items. Our mission is to preserve the history, beauty and artistry of perfume bottles, compacts, ephemera and related vanity items. Through education, outreach, and awareness of the Perfume Passage collection and library, the goal is to inspire art lovers, collectors, archivists and curators to keep this history alive.

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Skokie, Illinois


The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is the third largest Holocaust Museum in the world. Visitors receive an audio guide from local Survivors as they explore the history of the Holocaust. Holograms of Holocaust Survivors tell their stories and answer questions from the audience in our interactive Survivors Stories Experience.

Also, visit the Take a Stand Center, a forward-looking social justice exhibition with four engaging galleries, where visitors can Make a Difference! For youth, The Harvey L. Miller Youth Exhibition is a hands-on exhibit focused on character education and positive decision-making skills.