Marr College Newsletter 06 - Page 14

Issue Number 06 | March 2020 Marr College - Mental Health Matters! Our Mental Health Ambassadors are keen to help support students and staff – and Mr Bell has put together some tips to help with social distancing. We also have some helpful information and links on our school website. Routine We all require some kind of routine to provide structure and discipline in our lives. Routines help us cope with change, to form healthy habits and reduce our stress levels. Don’t keep looking at the news – if you need to build it in to your routine to check once or twice a day. This includes sleep. Try to stick to your normal school-time sleep routine. Wake up in time for school to start. Keep Active Music live Physical activity can help maintain mental wellbeing. The endorphins released during exercise help improve mood, energy levels and even sleep. Together these can have a positive effect on improving our self- confidence and resilience. Staff at Marr have created a Playlist of their favourite Feel Good song. Have a listen, enjoy, cringe at your teachers’ choices or guess who chose what. Why not try Joe Wicks’ exercise class at 9am each morning on his YouTube channel? It’ll help you start your day the right way (Mr Bell and his two toddlers have been doing this every morning). Click here: W1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ Research shows that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals. It can help energise our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings. Lots of artists are streaming performances on social media Who chose Beyoncé – Love on Top will surprise everyone! Click here for the survey or scan the QR code with your phone. 13