Marr College Newsletter 06 | Page 13

Issue Number 06 | March 2020 Mrs Duncan – Care Packages We have to say a massive well done to Mrs Duncan who has also been busy in the kitchen. She managed to leave 6 care packages of delicious food on the doorsteps of her elderly neighbours. A very kind gesture indeed. anything be sure to share your creations with your teachers. https://www.bbcgoo activities-kids Mrs Brown – S3 Sketchbook Challenge Mrs Brown (Art) took part in the Marr College S3 Sketchbook Challenge – ‘Draw Yourself’. Excellent picture Mrs Brown! We would love to see students share their own drawings with us. Cooking from Home If you are looking for great recipes to try out in the kitchen this month then try the BBC Good Food page filled with great ideas such as ‘rainy day cooking projects for kids’ and ‘easy spring crafts’. If you decide to make mindfulness colouring in from home – she has been sharing these on twitter. Action for Happiness Calendar Action for Happiness have released a calendar for April – it is filled with lots of great strategies and activities for looking after yourself and each other. You can also find the calendar on their website – click on the image below to visit the site. Mindfulness Mrs Clelland has also been showing her artistic side by taking part in some 12