Marr College Newsletter 06 | Page 16

Issue Number 06 | March 2020 Digi Champs - Top Tip of the Month! Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is available online via Glow or as a Desktop App for your PC, laptop or mobile phone. It allows you to post comments and announcements as well as sharing files and resources. Skype is built in allowing live meetings and screen sharing. Click on the image to play a short video about Teams. Microsoft have updated their support website to include up-to-date information on the use of Teams for both educators and students. They have included a new useful tab that gives step-by-step instructions for students using Teams from home. You can find out more information here: 6b5fd708-35b9-4caf-b66e-d8f2468e4fd5#ID0EBBAAA=Educators You can also find the Marr College Teams student help guide here: Download Office 365 Free! Don’t forget you can also download all Office 365 products for free through Glow. Choose the Download Office Now tile and follow the instructions to download Office 365 – you have access to 5 free downloads to different devices. Just use your Glow log in details. How to: 1. Sign in to Glow 2. Click on the Marr College launchpad 3. Select the ‘Download Office Now’ tile 4. Select install office now 5. Click open and select yes to start installing Office 6. Stay online as downloading the software may take a while 15