Marr College Newsletter 06 | Page 17

Issue Number 06 | March 2020 Business Quizzes Our S3 Business Management students have been taking part in a weekly business Quizizz via Teams with Mrs Stevenson. Well done to the students who have been competing with each other to claim the top spot! Celebrity Teachers Thanks to Miss Walker for sharing a list of celebrity teachers! You can tune in each day to take part. S1 Business Education – Snack Attack Challenge Some S1 Business Education students have been taking part in a Marr Snack Attack Challenge. Over the next few weeks, they have been tasked with designing and marketing their own Fairtrade snack. This includes creating the logo, slogan and packaging for their idea. They have also been asked to carry out market research, promotional materials, to calculate the cost of their snack and to come up with a recipe! We cannot wait to see what wonderful ideas our students come up with and to try out some of these recipes. Well done to Eilidh from 1p5 who is the first to send in her business plan. Her idea is a banana waffle dipped in Fairtrade chocolate. You can see her entry below, including her catchy slogan ‘a waffle a day keeps the doctors away’ and ‘go bananas for Fairtrade’. Well done Eilidh. 16