Marr College Newsletter 05 - Page 12

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 Digi Champs - Top Tip of the Month! This month’s top tip is to download an app….Office Lens! This is a great app that allows you take a picture of text and turn that image into an editable Word document or OneNote page. Click on the YouTube logo to watch a short video about Office Lens. Office Lens is a camera app that lets you take pictures of whiteboards or printed documents, then enhances your photo by cropping, sharpening, and straightening it, so it looks almost like a scanned image. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,   OneDrive, or your local device. You can even import images that are already on your device using Gallery. How to: 1. Open the Office Lens app. 2. Use the app to take a picture of the handout. 3. Experiment with the editing tools in the top right corner. When you are done, select the checkmark button. 4. Give the file a title. 5. Save the file to your photo library, OneDrive, OneNote or as a Word, PowerPoint or PDF file. Once saved you can even have this text read aloud to you using inbuilt immersive reader. Click on this link to see how: 11