Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 15

JUNE, 2018 THE PRESIDENT’S WIFE By: Seelie Kay The Plot: When criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant travels to Washing- ton, D.C. to join her former college roommate, Marella de la Aerelli, in celebrating her husband‘s election as the first president of the newly democ- ratic Republic of Lodatia, she is met with an unpleasant surprise. Her friend of almost thirty years not only looks unwell, she is cold and distant. After Julianna becomes convinced the woman is really an imposter, she attempts to expose the faux Marella by using a secret only she, Marella, and the sitting U.S. President share. In the process, Julianna helps to uncover an international conspiracy to seize control of the new country, using the president‘s wife as a pawn in a dangerous and poten- tially deadly game. Will Marella be rescued before a coup takes place? Or will she become collateral damage in one tiny nation‘s fight to be free? Reviews Welcome. An Excerpt …Julianna set her fork down on her plate and nudged her hus- band, Little River, Wisconsin Police Chief David Manders. ―Something‘s wrong.‖ Julianna whispered. ―Marella looks wrong. Maybe she‘s just tired after the campaign, but she looks sick. Too thin and too pale. And she isn‘t smiling. Marella is always smiling, even when she feels like shit. And she hasn‘t even looked at me. Why is she ignoring me? Something is not right. I can feel it.‖ David looked at his wife and tried to hide his smile. ―Jules, you find a conspiracy behind every door these days,‖ he said quietly. He looked around to ensure that the other four couples seated at their table were otherwise engaged. ―I vote for tired, no, make that exhausted. My God, five months ago, she was a farm wife in Lodatia, now she‘s been thrust into the international spotlight as the wife of the President. ‖ Available in Print and E-Book At: eXtasy Books Amazon: TBA BN: TBA Author Contact Info: Digital Price: $1.99 Length: 30 Pages Heat Level: Three Flames Website Blog Twitter Facebook Amazon Author Page Biography: Author and attorney Seelie Kay writes sizzling stories about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink. The author of the Kinky Briefs series, as well as The Garage Dweller, Seelie began writing erotica after more than thirty years as a lawyer and journalist. Kay, who writes under a nom de plume, discovered the power of the pen in grade school, winning her first writing award in the third grade. While other kids played hopscotch and softball, she read books and crafted stories filled with fantasy and suspense. After a long career as an attorney and journalist, Seelie hung out her shingle as a freelance writer, editor, and author. When not spinning her kinky fantasies, Seelie ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. 15 10 9