Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 16

WHEREVER LOVE FINDS YOU BLURB It‘s his game. He makes the rules. Rule number one – only he can break the rules. Zach Lowe lives his life without relationships in busi- ness and personally. Getting involved doesn‘t work well when you‘re the Black Knight of Wall Street. Ellora Duvall, the sweet kid who crushed on him in high school, waltzes into the world of corporate finance with the same wide eyed innocence she had in chemistry class. He hadn‘t expected her to affect him the way she did, but he‘s in control. A few weeks with Ellora will be pure pleasure, then he‘ll move on. She‘ll understand. He should, too. Who broke his rules? BUY LINKS Amazon SIX SENTENCES ―Ellora Duvall.‖ The voice behind her was deep and rich and made her spine go rigid. Zach Lowe. Alarm blew through her. She hadn‘t heard that voice since high school, but she‘d memorized it along with his square jaw, his crooked smile and the mischievous glint in his eyes. CONTACT LAURA Author Webpage 16 Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page 8