Marketing for Romance Writers Magazine July, 2018 Volume # 1, Issue # 7 | Page 14

JUNE, 2018 LOVE IS THE PUNCH LINE By: Kathleen Jones The Plot: Middle-aged stand-up comedian Josh Steinberg, the ―Jewish Comedy King‖ and formerly the star of his own popular TV series, finds him- self struggling to keep his career alive, playing seedier and seedier clubs. Plump, balding, and plain-looking, he has never had much luck with women. That is, until Josh meets Holly Brannigan while performing his stand-up act in a club. Holly, an attractive, intelligent, and divorced fifty-year-old busi- nesswoman, becomes instantly smitten with Josh and even finds his unconventional looks wildly sexy. ***** Goodreads Review by Stella Knights: ―Brilliantly humorous, fun romance! I just loved the comical, romantic ride this story took me on.‖ Available in Print and E-Book At: Amazon BN An Excerpt Josh Steinberg‘s mission in life was to make other people laugh, but these days, he could barely make himself smile. ―Good evening, everyone,‖ Josh said, starting his act in a halting voice, his eyes sweeping the half-empty, dimly lit room. Holy shit, what a dive. The Yahoo Comedy Club in Toronto? Never heard of it before. God, why does Greg keep lining up these crappy gigs? And how did I end up with an agent who knows nothing about the comedy business? Serves me right for hiring someone who used to be a roadie with a rock band. Josh smiled at the half-drunken faces before him, then launched into his routine—the usual shtick about his hopeless love life. … Out of the corner of his eye, Josh spied a woman seated alone at a table in the corner, her chestnut hair styled in a chin- length bob that perfectly framed her delicately pretty face. Author Contact Info: Prices: Print: $13.99 E-Book: $5.99 Length: 268 Pages Heat Level: PG-13 Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page Biography: Kathleen Jones is a former book editor and technical writer. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English literature and completed Ryerson University‘s Certificate in Publishing program. Kathleen writes for a number of popular book blogs, including Romance Junkies and the blogs of Jane Friedman and British novelist Tony Riches. She also contributes monthly book reviews to Goodreads. Kathleen lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Love Is the Punch Line is Kathleen‘s first novel. 14 9