Management Principles- How to Ace an Interview April 2014 | Page 8

As the interviewer, it is possible to conduct a poor interview for a possible canidate when one allows things such as first impressions, biases, personal preferences and judgements lead of they interview a canidate. Here are some pointers and errors to avoid when giving an interview:

Making them feel pressured or rushed.

o The interviewee will not feel comfortable and will not perform at their very best.

• Being unprepared and unorganized

o It makes you look unprofessional.

• Being unfriendly, uptight, impersonable

• Not being able to properly inform the candidate about the company, position or answer questions.

Asking closed ended questions and not properly selling the job postion to stong candidates.

Ramble on

No monotone


Asking questions about gender, age, race, records, marital status.

o It would unethical and unfair for the interviewee, and would possibly appear unprofessional.

• Asking multiple questions in a row.

o The interviewee should have full focus on each question.

• Being inconsiderate of the interviewee

• Talking too much and not gain enough information about candidate.

• Flirting and saying inapproriate things to the interviewee.