Management Principles- How to Ace an Interview April 2014 | Page 7


12. Provide closure to every candidate.

Summerize what was covered in the interview and allow them the opprotunity to present for qualities or ask questions. Emphasize candidates most important qualifications for the position and make sure if this the position they still want. Let them know a time period for hiring and when you will contact them back. Thank them for coming in.

10 Qualities of Exceptional Interviwers

9. Maintain Good Eye Contact and Body Language

This is apart of effective verbal and non verbal communication needed between you and the person you are interviewing. Beware of yourself and cues for the candidate as well.

10. Be Confident

Do not just be accepting of anything a candidate might say. Be able to give firm interview and defend yourself, the comapy and its positons when necessary.

11. Conduct Interview in an Appropriate Environment

Have interview in a clean, organized, quiet environment with enough space for you and the interviewee. Be consistant also where you hold interviews for candidates.