Management Principles- How to Ace an Interview April 2014 | Page 6

Conducting an interview is one of the most important steps in determining the kind of employees you hire and have representing the company you work for. That is why it is key to know how to effectively evaluate possible canidate's skills, abilities, work experience and education, qualifications and personal self. Here are some ways how:

1. Be Prepared and Structure the Interview

Know the name who your interviewing, review resume and profile before hand. Have a plan for how you want the interview to go with some questions written out. Make sure you know your stuff about the company and job and can answer any questions and give information.

2. Be on Time

Give you and the company a bad look if you are tardy. If you know you will be have someone inform the interviewee ahead of time if possible.

3. Establish Good Rapport with the Interviewee

Make the candidate feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. Try and relieve some of their nerves. You should want them to do well and present their best to you.

6.They wisely go off script.


4 Clearly Define the Job Description, Roles, Respsonsibilities and Expectantions for the Job and the Candidate

You want the candidate to be informed and understanding of what exactly the company stands for and what you are looking for in an employer.

5. Listen Carefully and Actively and Take Notes

Write done things about the candidte on observations, their behavior, expressed thoughts, feelings, what they did or wanted to do, etc.

6. Conduct the Interview Like a Conversation and Less Like an Exam

Dont be robotic or too uptight. You want to be as natural as possible and agagin you want the candidate to be comfortable and not intimidated.

7. Ask the Right Questions

Ask questions one at a time and make sure they are open-ended ones that will tell you enough info. about the candidate. they should be job related.

8. Be Consistant, Ethical and Fair

Ask the same questions you asked other candidates and not personal, illegal, judgemental or bias one (race, religon, gender), Treat all candidates equally.