Management Principles- How to Ace an Interview April 2014 | Page 10

1. Before the interview research the company, their mission, vision and all that they do.

2. Practice interviewing on your own or with a friend and prepare intellectual and knowledgeable questions to ask the interviewer.

3. Make sure you know the proper location of the interview and arrive 10-15 minutes early.

4. Dress clean and professional, turn off your cell phone before interview and avoid having any candy or gum in your mouth.

5. Have you resume on hand.

6. Treat everyone you encounter with courtesy and respect and be aware of your environment and all that is going on.

7. Be professional with good eye contact and body language.


8. Be genuine and honest in your answers while having a positive attitude and reflecting upon positive attributes more so than the negative ones.

9. Listen well to what your interview says and do not be afraid to ask for clarification when needed.

10. Present you best qualities, skills and abilities and if asked about weakness, have an answer that shows you are working on it or have improved over time.

11. Avoid negative answers about yourself or previous employers.

12. Show how you are qualified and also you are willing to learn on the job.

13. Have confidence and relax.

14. Thank the interviewer

All the above pointers will help present yourself as the best candidate and show the employee what a great employee you are and that you will make great contributions to the company.