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Alex bell

Frozen Charlotte

Fiction Reviews

The book ‘Frozen Charlotte’ is about a girl called Sophie who moves to her uncle’s house where she can instantly see that something is wrong. All her cousins have an obscure personality. She later finds out that one of the cousins, Piper, had killed their sister, Rebecca, claiming she was forced to do it by the ‘Frozen Charlotte dolls’. They not only told her to push her sister off the cliff but to burn their childhood treehouse down causing her brother, Cameron, to have a burn injury on his hand. As the book Frozen Charlotte is a horror book it draws you in and has many cliff hangers at the end of each chapter.

As the story goes on more things are revealed about the family’s weird past which makes you question yourself and not want to stop reading. Bell uses a significant amount of vocabulary to glamorize the terror of the novel. The book has the surprising chilling ending of Piper being killed in a fire along with the Frozen Charlotte dolls in a fire at the house.

Charlotte dolls at the house. The ending is very powerful as the use of arson to solve the problems of the deaths of Rebecca and Sophie’s best friend, Jay. However, the ending is very debatable as Piper pleads for help from Cameron, Lillias and Sophie.

Overall Alex Bell’s clever novel is powerful, surprising and unexpected. I enjoyed the book because unlike other horror books the fear and terror is in the family. It bases off the personality of two faced people and heart-breaking secrets that will eventually come out. I also enjoyed Sophie’s determination to find out the past of the house which leads her to find many secrets and put together the pieces, eventually solving the case of Rebecca’s death.



maggie harcourt

Unconventional is about a girl called Lexi Angelo who has grown up helping her dad plan conventions. At one of the many conventions that her dad has planned she meets a boy called Aidan Green. After kicking him out of the green room for not having a pass she thought she would never see him again. But that was not the case. A few months later her father receives mail and inside is a book called Piecekeepers by an author called Hayden Swift. Lexi convinces her dad to add Hayden to the guest list for the next convention. At that convention she then finds out that Hayden is actually Aidan. Lexi soon realises that she likes Aidan and they become closer and closer.

I liked this book because it is unlike other books where a girl meets a boy and they start to like each other. It has a more interesting back story than other books that I have read. I was constantly wanting to find out what would happen between the two characters especially because of how