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awkward Lexi always was around Aidan.

I would recommend this book to anybody who is 13+ and likes more background information to understand the characters better and the storyline.

REVIEWER: mina pingelova

Cancer is overall a very lightly talked about topic; as soon as someone is diagnosed with it nobody knows what to do or act, yet this book allowed me to see life from a different perspective and let me understand why people might act the way they do (although of course there is no way of possibly knowing what the person is going through unless you are going through it.)

The Fault in Our Stars made a huge impact on me as it was beautifully honest in so many ways (some more sincere than others), but also made me appreciate the world around me so much more. The friendship (later relationship) formed between the two main characters showed how one can find happiness and be happy despite all tragedies, and although the story ends so expectantly tragic.

The part I enjoyed the most was where it showed me that no-one can avoid oblivion,

even the most famous celebrities: it is more important to be loved deeply by fewer people, than carelessly by many.

This book can appeal to just about any type of reader and for any mood: if one is feeling happy, melancholy, angry they will definitely find something interesting. It most certainly isn't a science-fiction book, yet it teaches so many life lessons.

Put simply this book is amazing and I would DEFINITELY recommend it.

REVIEWER: nadia kwiecisnka

The Fault in our Stars

john green