L.R.C. December 2018 | Page 9

Machina (Mac for short, of course) when he retires, which I was particularly sad had to end.

That is why I believe that we can take a lot from this seemingly silly book. Yes read it, enjoy it for its irony, for the fun nature of this Bluebear, but also travel with him, endure his hardships and friendships, understand how he moves on from every life, and uses everything he has learned in his past lives to aid him in his current life. This Bluebear is adventurous, courageous, resourceful, and just good fun all round, so we want to relate to him more so, making the ending so satisfying.


This book is made up of short stories; each story tells a different tale that relates to our current society. The book deals with diverse, emotional and philosophical issues. For example, coming of age, sexuality, homophobia, illness, death, power and freedom. Each story explores the impact of the given subject on individual characters that I was able to relate to with compassion or revulsion.

I enjoyed the fact that the book captured experiences that are relevant today, addressing the reality of one's actions on another, both individually and society as a whole. The only thing I didn't like about the stories was also what I liked; the impact that each story left on me and the pain and joy of living.

I would recommend this book because I feel it would educate some members of society that are closed to a deeper understanding of the diversity in living. I would also recommend it as an interesting, knowledgeable and well written book that I found easy to digest and eager to read each story.


Benedict Williams

Here I Stand

amnesty international

and well written book that I found easy to digest and eager to read each story.


Isaac bailey-cullen