LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 8

What does it mean to become a LIFEforce Tribe Member ?

Dr . Stu Katzen
“ I became a LIFEforce Tribe Member because I love and support the vision , purpose and values of Life University and Chiropractic . LIFE ’ s Lasting Purpose is To Give , To Do , To Love , To Serve out of one ’ s own abundance ( with no expectations for anything in return ). Becoming a LIFEforce Tribe member has provided me a unique and effective platform to live Lasting Purpose . Through Student Recruiting Events ( SREs ), I have been able to share the Chiropractic story and LIFE ’ s vision . Whether it is one-on-one with a prospective student in my office or to larger audiences at local universities and high schools , our LIFEforce presentations are changing people ’ s lives and providing a new career path for many .”
Dr . Chelsea Drda
“ I became a LIFEforce Tribe Member because the world needs more chiropractors . Our healthcare system isn ’ t getting people well , and we need more doctors promoting wellness , stress management and most of all , neurological connection . We need more people talking about how the body heals itself . LIFEforce grants you the tools and connections needed to have a more significant impact in your community . I started working with LIFEforce when I was a student , and it continues to grow and empower more lives . If you want to manifest Lasting Purpose , join our Tribe . I love this organization !”
Dr . Christina Gray
“ I became a LIFEforce Member because I , a chiropractor , woke up to the fact that I am part of a whole body of chiropractors and not an island on my own . I realized that the only way we , as chiropractors , can show that we are the most powerful source of health care on this planet is by growing exponentially in numbers , and the only way to do that is to recruit the next patient we lay our hands on who has a heart for changing the world and sending them to the best school on this planet , Life University . LIFEforce is a tidal wave of passionate people who save lives through chiropractic care in their own offices across the nation . If everyone of us were to tell the next viable patient “ you would make an awesome chiropractor ” and send them to LIFE Leadership for a weekend of exploration in our field , we could CHANGE THE WORLD ! That ’ s what the LIFEforce agenda is all about , that ’ s what I ’ m all about and that ’ s why I ’ m a part of the LIFEforce Tribe .”
Dr . Kevin Kinney
“ I became a LIFEforce Tribe Member because staying connected to Life University and their mission to advance the reach of the chiropractic profession to the masses aligns directly to my greater purpose , maximizing the expression of the innate perfection of my community .”
Dr . Josh Paxton
“ LIFEforce is a family that we are proud to be a part of . Little is more powerful than a committed group of people committed to the same cause . Making chiropractic available to every man , woman , boy and girl on the planet is that cause . That ’ s a cause we cherish supporting .”
Jess Paxton
“ I became a LIFEforce Tribe Member because it was a way to come together with like-minded people to accomplish a goal . The goal of giving everyone on the planet an opportunity for chiropractic care and / or a chiropractic education is such a beautiful thing to me . Everybody benefits from it , but not everybody knows that ! When passionate people work together for something greater than themselves , the results are often immeasurable .”
Drs . Casen and Anthony DeMaria
“ We became LIFEforce Tribe Members because we love Life University and being a part of the vision and mission of sharing Chiropractic with every single person in the world ... what better way than helping students go to Life U !”