LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 9

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Javier Del Hoyo , Student
“ Being a part of Student LIFEforce ( SLF ) has enhanced my Life University experience . SLF allowed me to step up as a leader not only on campus , but also for the Chiropractic profession . Through SLF I have been able to share the stage with some of Chiropractic ' s greatest gems , speaking my Chiropractic story to hundreds of DC ' s , current , and future students . I am eternally grateful for the growth and connections that have flourished from this tribe . Most importantly , this is more than just a tribe of dedicated individuals changing the world . We are family !”
Marialejandra Julia , Student
“ Being a member of the Student LIFEforce ( SLF ) program is a complete honor . Some of my favorite things of being a SLF is that we have opportunity to talk Chiropractic with prospective students , the community and everyone around us . We also have the opportunity of connecting with LIFEforce Docs that very quickly become our mentors . It ’ s an honor to be part of group full of Chiropractic pioneers and warriors . We have to be the change that we want to see in the world .”
Alexis Love , Student
“ Student LIFEforce has played a crucial role in my journey at Life University . I ’ m able to grow with like-minded students who have a similar passion for Chiropractic as I do . It has been amazing to be a part of a tribe of students who challenges you to be your best as well as encourage you when you need it . Student LIFEforce has taught me that Lasting Purpose is essential to becoming a Chiropractor .”
Jenene Cherney , Student
“ LIFEforce is a band of individuals that have been bequeathed a gift – the honor , of “ guarding it well .” We are the band of individuals who have committed to growing and expanding the profession , keeping it safe and free from drugs , and tapping into its power to touch and heal those who are in need of our highly trained and skilled hands . The chiropractic adjustment represents the holy grail , if you will , of chiropractic , and BJ Palmer passed along the education with instruction , otherwise known as , philosophy . LIFEforce is dedicated to teaching and spreading Lasting Purpose , to give , do , love , and serve out of abundance , without expectation of anything in return . We believe in sharing wisdom about Innate Intelligence to show others that it is ok to trust and heal from within . This is also known as the “ above , down , inside out ” ideology . Today more than ever these teachings are needed for a gravely wounded world . Chiropractic has the capacity to heal humanity . It ’ s one of the biggest ideas I know ! ( Sound familiar ?) I am honored to be part of this chosen tribe and I am doing , and will do , all of which I am capable to contribute to the mission in the years to come !”

... who can continue to voice our powerful message of Vitalism guaranteeing that our message will forever be heard .