LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 7

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Industry Leaders in Advanced Research and Technology
n Life University ' s Center for Chiropractic Research ( CCR ) has created the Well-being and Health Expression Evaluation List ( WHEEL ). This is a multi-phased approach designed to distill and study patient information collected daily within the Life University Clinic System .
n Life University develops high-impact , groundbreaking research studies that support subluxation-based clinical research , foundational chiropractic , basic science studies and the advancement of human performance and optimal health .
n Life University houses the most anatomage tables for virtual dissection in the world among colleges and universities . Also , the Harris Center for Clinical Education contains a 23-room Testing Center with Learning Space Technology for students to receive visual feedback on their adjusting and practice management techniques .
n Developed by the Life University Dr . Sid E . Williams Center for Chiropractic Research , PAT ( Palpation and Adjustment Trainer ) provides its Doctor of Chiropractic students the most advanced palpation and adjusting technology lab in the profession . PAT is an anatomically accurate , technology-based mannequin with the look , feel , size and weight of an average person and contains 64 embedded pressure sensors at key spinal landmarks from the skull ( EOP ) to the pelvis and sacrum .