LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 6


We are leading the vital health revol

n Largest single-campus chiropractic college in the world . n Dedicated to the principle of vitalistic Chiropractic .
n The Life University Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum combines the best in the science , philosophy , art and practice management , producing doctors who are ready to change the world .
n Life University provides an abundance of both courses and student organizations on chiropractic techniques , strategies and specialties .
n We are able to offer many opportunities for students to hear from , and network with , successful doctors .
n Through agreements and efforts in Europe , China , Costa Rica and beyond , Life University is dedicated to spreading Chiropractic all over the world . Also , through our PEAK program , Life University student interns can work in clinics in Sweden , Ghana , Peru , New Zealand , Argentina , Singapore and more !
n Life University ’ s unique ethos of Lasting Purpose sets us apart as an institution . We believe that a willingness and desire to serve your community and your fellow man / woman are just as important as academic pursuits . It is our privilege : To Give , To Do , To Love , To Serve – Out of Abundance .
n Life University ’ s Athletic Department is continuously growing and becoming stronger on and off the field . With national championship winning programs and top-notch facilities , LIFE is a perfect destination for those looking to continue their playing careers in college while also earning a career-launching degree .
n Life University ' s Pre-D . C . pathway ( available on campus and online ) contains three paths from which students can choose :
1 . Taking a Bachelor ’ s degree ( six to choose from ) and the Doctor of Chiropractic degree concurrently .
2 . Already having completed the Pre-D . C . required coursework .
3 . An Alternative Admissions Track for those who have earned an academic degree in a non-science discipline .