LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 5

What is a LIFE Leadership Weekend ?
LIFE Leadership Weekend ( LLW ) is our premier event for future chiropractic students to be introduced to Life University ’ s extraordinary educational experience . They mingle with current students , faculty , staff and LIFEforce doctors , while hearing from dynamic speakers , engaging in leadership training and touring downtown Atlanta .
Students can register for LLWs by visiting LIFE . edu / VisitLIFE . All students must list you as their LIFEforce referrer when registering and attend all sessions of LLW to receive travel benefits . Refer a student today and have them register at LIFE . edu / VisitLIFE .
LIFEforce Weekends Rock ! LIFEforce Weekends help you connect with your colleagues in the chiropractic profession like no other event . Start with a Thursday night LIFEforce VIP Reception to kick start the weekend off right . Then on Friday , experience a VIP tour and luncheon at Life University ; Dinner and Featured Speaker with LLW attendees ; and Conversations with LIFEforce doctors and current Life U students . Wrap it up at the Testimonial Dinner and Dessert Party with LLW attendees and a LIFEforce closing party . Once you come for the first time , you ’ ll always be back ! Register today for a LIFEforce Weekend at LIFEforce . LIFE . edu .