LIFEforce Brochure Online June 3, 2021 | Page 4

What is LIFEforce ?
We are a committed TRIBE that can make the difference in helping Life University spread principled , vitalistic Chiropractic and Lasting Purpose around the world . The LIFEforce Tribe is committed to filling Life University with students who are passionate about Chiropractic now and for decades to come . Life University doesn ’ t have to be your alma mater to join .
Why is LIFEforce Important ?
There are more than 1 million medical doctors in the U . S . compared to only 68,000 chiropractors . Worldwide , it ’ s even more dramatic . The European Union has 700 million people ; there are less than 5,000 DCs . China is home to 1.3 billion people , and there are about 20 DCs . LIFEforce and Life University are both committed to increasing the influence of the profession here in North America , and starting chiropractic programs worldwide .
How do LIFEforce Tribe Members Help ?
1 . Send students to LIFE Leadership Weekend ( LLW )! Through LIFEforce Tribe Members , prospective students receive scholarships to visit Life University . They receive a three-night hotel stay , meals on event days , shuttle transportation and up to a $ 300 travel reimbursement .
2 . Conduct two Student Recruitment Events ( SREs ) each year .
3 . Attend LIFEforce Weekends at Life University . We would be honored to have you as our guest and hope you can come to as many weekends as possible .
4 . Send five students to Life University in the next five years . The future of the profession depends upon where you send your students , and we believe they belong at LIFE .
LIFEforce Exclusive Benefits
n Be the first to receive news from Life University . n
Receive special invitations to private events with Dr . Rob Scott .
Receive notifications for Advanced Registration and / or discounted pricing for events such as Fall CElebration / LIFE Vision Extravaganza .
n Enjoy complimentary hotel accommodations for your first LIFEforce Weekend .
n Receive a Life U ID card , which permits complimentary access to the Wellness Center , Drs . Sid E . and Nell K . Williams Library , and on-campus sports such as rugby , basketball , soccer , wrestling , swimming , volleyball , lacrosse and track .
n Use of a VIP Parking Pass while on campus . n And more !
Hosting an SRE is Easy ! An SRE is an event aimed at informing prospective students about the programs LIFE offers , specifically the Doctor of Chiropractic program . It ’ s all about sharing YOUR “ Why .” Why Chiropractic ? Why Life University ? Why now ? Host an in-person or virtual SRE today ! For more information and to see how we can help support you , visit SRE . LIFE . edu .