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DATE: START WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 / / / / / L THIGH / R THIGH / / / / / L CALF / R CALF / / / / / NECK CHEST L BICEP / R BICEP WAIST HIPS Tips for Taking Credible Before and After Photos • DRESS AND POSE APPROPRIATELY: We recommend wearing fitted clothing to best demonstrate your overall transformation. It’s important to provide a clear view of your stomach area, so don’t suck anything in! Maintain a neutral posture in both photos: don’t slouch in your “before” photo, then stand straight in your “after” photo. • REQUEST HELP: Selfies will not capture the details you want to document for your “before” picture. Use a tripod and an auto-timer on your camera, or ask a friend to stand in as your photographer. • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: We recommend you pose in front of a blank, solid-colored wall. The fewer distractions the better; after all, this is about you and your transformation journey! Be sure to choose a location where you will be able to recreate the same conditions for future photos that track your progress and your results. • TAKE MULTIPLE PHOTOS: You’ll want to make sure to capture every angle with these pictures. Take enough photos to show your body clearly from the front, the back and the side at a minimum. The more pictures you take, the better. • BE CONSISTENT: Remember to take progress photos at regular intervals throughout your transformation journey. Be consistent with your location and the clothing you pose in. This will help to highlight the changes from one photo to the next even more clearly. LEAN BODY SYSTEM USER GUIDE 11