Kingsgate Park Sports Centre KP Brochure - Page 6

K I NG S G AT E PA R K Determination to succeed From a sporting as well as an academic perspective, Wykehamists have always been a driven bunch. From the countless boys who have gone on to represent their universities and counties in the sports they enjoyed at the School to Olympians past and present, Old Wykehamists seem to share a dedication to sport that singles them out for success. Winning both gold and silver for tennis at the Antwerp Games in 1920, Max Woosnam (F, 1906-11), our greatest sportsman and most successful Olympian yet, certainly had it. As do the latest entrants to Win Coll’s sporting hall of fame: George Nash, winning gold in the men’s coxless four at the Rio Olympics; formidable batsman Dan Escott, who made 1,096 runs in a single season for Lords before going on to play for Oxford University; the World Cricket League’s most successful all- rounder Ben Stevens; world number one ranking fives player Will Ellison; Jack Sharp who left Win Coll in 2016 with four black belts in martial arts and a prestigious place to train under Master Joe Thambu, a top master in Australia, during his gap year; and Tae Uahwatanasakul, who as well as being an accomplished soccer, basketball and futsal player also played for Lords in his fourth year. And to think he hadn’t picked up a cricket bat before coming to the School. ~ 5 ~ “I was extremely privileged to have had the sporting set up that we did at Winchester, both in facilities and world- renowned coaching.” BEN STEVENS (E, 2005-10)