Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 3 | Page 5

Maths through English or English through Maths? Sandie Mourão The workshop on 12 th July, “Maths through English or English through Maths?”, by Sandie Mourão was very gratifying and rich. First we spoke about maths and the different topics to teach, like numbers, calculating, shapes, patterns, making sets and sorting, and time. “What can we do?” was one of the questions answered. According to Sandie Mourão we can use numbers words, sing songs, tell stories with numbers, and play with number words, chants and more. In our daily routines we can also use maths, addition and subtraction, combining, counting up, subtizing, taking away and finding the difference. To end the session, the teacher trainer gave us a chant for categorizing and showed how easy it is to work maths in English. 5