Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 3 | Page 6

Wednesday 13 th Arnolfo Borsacchi Playing with Audiation MLT Contributes The C2 Intensive course on “Music Learning Theory” was divided into three parts. The first two moments took place in February, in Florence, Italy, and the third part occurred in July, in Portugal, during the 2 nd Transnational meeting. During this period of training teachers consolidated what they previously had learnt on MLT and the vocal practice. This aimed at a better transmission of the songs and chants. This teacher training included a moment of sharing, aiming for a greater openness between educators and teachers. In this sense, a song was prepared by the trainees who later presented it to their colleagues so that those involved could get the performance of it and understand how the musical practice is transmitted to children according to the MLT. 6