Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 3 | Page 3

Collaborative Work to improve Quality Fátima Aresta Fátima Aresta is a trainer from the Association Education her talk spoke of Early Childhood Professionals on 11 th July, the about (APEI). the In Fátima importance of involving the child in the learning and assessment process. The speaker also took the audience on a journey through some of the learning processes, the teacher’s role and teaching models. Then Fátima introduced the DQP handbook. This handbook guides teachers to achieve quality through the partnerships between teachers, children, parents, assistants and school directions. Fátima also talked about the aims and intentions Finally the of trainer the handbook. presented two scales that can be used to assess the learning teaching process: the child involvement scale and engagement scale. It the was adult a very profitable training session. 3