Kiitos@21stCenturyPreschools Newsletter 3 | Page 2

Monday 11 th Plenary session The Plenary session on the 11 th July was opened by the project coordinator, Susana Esculcas, followed by the City Councillor for Education, Bettencourt, and the Sérgia School Cluster Director, Manuel Andrade. The main purpose is to collect contributes to what 21 st Century Education is and then Alberto Gaspar talked about the teacher of the 21 st century. The third moment focused on Language education and the early years in the 21 st century. language contributes education music of and learning MLT foreign bridging with from Sandie Mourão spoke about early childhood education and improve second language learning in preschool Here languages in preschool education. the partner countries After this welcome moment, Susana Esculcas presented her perception of Sandie also reminded how important the role of play and child-led activities are to a 21 st century education. 2