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Digital logistics

Mercedes-Benz Vans , one of the largest producers of premium vans , uses logistics processes at five sites in Europe , Latin America and the USA . It needed an accurate and efficient way to discover issues , update outdated methods of tracking and improve stability across all stages of its extensive logistics operations .
It was looking to improve its efficiency , stability and ergonomics by eliminating paperbased models which required double checking for each and every number . It needed to come up with an effective software solution to detect problems to eliminate evaluation through Excel sheets .
“ We identified the opportunity to make the job of logistics easier by removing a disruptive step in their picking operations . By deploying our ProGlove wearable scanners , Mercedes- Benz Vans vigorously drove its digital transformation and collected the high impact it wanted . MARK Display ’ s screen features were particularly helpful to reduce the superfluous time operators spent standing in front of a shelf to manually compare item numbers . In
combination with our ProGlove Insight software , it is able to detect issues faster and more efficiently ,” ProGlove explained .
“ A minimum of four seconds saved per scan makes for substantial time savings as Mercedes-Benz Vans builds hundreds of vehicles per day with some 1,000 scans per car . ProGlove Insight provides perfect movement tracking to efficiently address relevant issues ,” it added .
This has helped Mercedes-Benz Vans sites to move forward into a fully digital environment . The Mercedes-Benz Vans plant in Düsseldorf is the largest plant in its international production network , producing the large light commercial vehicles Sprinter and eSprinter . Headquartered in Stuttgart ( Germany ), Mercedes-Benz Vans Düsseldorf employs more than 6,000 employees employees and focuses on Industry 4.0 . This counts from start to finish and includes all processes within the plants .
The wearable scanner . Logistics at Mercedes-Benz Vans .
Mercedes-Benz Vans was one of ProGlove ’ s first automotive customers to implement INSIGHT , its industry analytics software . This solution optimises and tracks movements to improve the efficiency on their shop floor .
“ Thanks to ProGlove , we managed to make our logistics processes more digital and efficient . We also increased process acceptance among workers by significantly improving ergonomics and simplifying processes . By using Insight , we will also be able to measure these improvements on the shop floor going forward ,” commented Ronja Jakobi , Logistics Planner , Mercedes-Benz AG . n
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Vacuum tube lifter

The new FORCE-LIFT vacuum tube lifter offers ‘ instinctive operability and control ’, according to manufacturer Aero-Lift Vakuumtechnik GmbH . It calls innovative control of the vacuum tube lifter ‘ natural motion control .’ Pressing the operating elements activates the functions , namely the tube lifter .
“ The new FORCE-LIFT tube lifter is adapted entirely to natural operator behaviour . It is the first and only instinctively operated vacuum tube lifter . It is also the strongest one-handed tube lifter on the market . Goods of up to 75kg can be lifted , fixed and moved by operating the lifter with just one hand ,” it explained .
The FORCE-LIFT is used in shipping ; storage ; logistics ; skilled crafts and trades ; and industry ( including plastics and metal
processing , the food industry and pharmaceuticals ). Cartons ; sacks ; barrels ; canisters ; containers ; sheet metal and components of all types ; wood and furniture can be lifted , transported and precisely placed . FORCE-LIFT also feeds machines .
“ This flexibility is possible thanks to the variety of suction feet , which can be changed within seconds and without tools . By combining this with large-area gripper technology , workpieces with recesses , indentations and grooves can also be suctioned ( such as corrugated and perforated sheets or rough-sawn wood ). In each variant , the new vacuum tube ensures fast , easy handling and short cycle times for both air-impermeable and airpermeable materials ,” added the manufacturer .
The FORCE-LIFT can remain suspended in one position , with or without the transport material suctioned . The 360 ° horizontal rotational function allows the transport material to be rotated . The control element is designed to enable the precise transfer of loads by 90 °, from the vertical to the horizontal position .
“ Thanks to one-handed operation , the second hand can be used to guide the transport material . Handling is ergonomically correct in every position , gentle on the joints and fatigue-free for the hands – even in continuous use ,” concluded Aero-Lift . n
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