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New cutting technologies

Kerf Developments returned to the MACH 2022 exhibition in the UK with a multitude of new technologies . As a specialist in oxy-fuel , plasma and waterjet cutting innovations , the UK manufacturer presented a dynamic mix of cutting solutions .
Its RUR2500P high-definition , plasma cutting machine with UltraSharp cutting technology has been enhanced with new advanced technologies . Designed and manufactured for customers with high production demands , the RUR incorporates a rigid frame design that is ultrasonically stress-relieved .
“ It is this robust build quality and precision cutting that has made the RUR2500P such a popular choice for the structural steel and heavy industry sectors . It has a cut width of 2m and the modular design enables table dimensions to be tailored to the demands of the end-user ,” explained Kerf Developments . Kerf also introduced innovations such as the new Fineline 300 Plasma unit from Lincoln Electric that incorporates Advanced Piercing technology and a new Watermist system . Specifically designed to allow full user control from a single interface , users can rapidly change plasma current and gas pressures for better cut quality and longer consumable life .
“ With the smallest diameter 300A torch in the industry at 38mm , the FineLine 300HD minimises secondary processing and maximises bevel and robotic cut capabilities with its new Magnum PRO LC300M torch . Working in synergy with the UltraSharp 2.0 , plasma current controls are all synchronised to precisely control motion , gas flow , cut speeds and height control . This enables the technology to minimise process errors to help provide repeatable , high-quality cutting for all geometries and material thicknesses ,” added the company .
The FineLine 300HD also includes Advanced Process Control , an advanced piercing system that provides highly repeatable hole cutting and minimises secondary processing whilst Watermisting technology . eliminating dross from the surface to allow small holes to be cut at an optimal height . The system deposits dross and surface spatter through the pierced hole to provide a slag-free cut surface , which eradicates the need for secondary finishing for end-users . It also introduces a new water injection system that improves cutting performance on stainless and aluminium materials .
Also making its MACH debut was the new Optima waterjet cutting machine . The Optima 216 at MACH featured a 2 x 1.6m cutting table . It features a heavy-duty CNC bridge design and three-sided drive with digital AC servo motors on each axis as well as 32mm precision ball-screw drives . A single abrasive cutting head includes a BFT intensifier pump with 37kW of power and 4137 bar pressure that is driven by an ESA CNC control system complemented by IGEMS CAD / CAM and nesting software . n
The new Optima waterjet .
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