ISMR April 2022 | Page 57


Precision auto part stamping

Small Parts Incorporated , a U . S . precision metal stampings provider in Logansport , IN , recently purchased two unitised frame , two-point , direct drive , model DSF-N2 AIDA servo presses .
“ It quickly realized several benefits on jobs moved from its mechanical presses to its new servo presses , including increased strokes per minute ( SPM ) and up-time per run ,” AIDA explained .
After modifying an existing automotive progressive die to run on its new 110- ton AIDA servo press , Small Parts achieved burr reduction and less part distortion which is attributed to complete programmability throughout the entire stroke of the servo press , drastically decreasing parts failing post-sort . Moving this die from a mechanical to a servo press also shortened the feed length . These combined advantages resulted in a reported scrap reduction of approximately 30 % on an automotive part .
Small Parts has also made considerable die life improvements . The sharp edge profiles on a non-automotive die were breaking or wearing down multiple times while stamping an order on a mechanical press . Switching this die to the DSF-N2 AIDA servo press has reportedly reduced die maintenance by 50 %, which is expected to increase to a 60-70 % reduction when further tooling improvements are complete .
AIDA is a global specialist in the design , manufacture , sale , service and support , refurbishment and modernisation of metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment . Its servo and mechanical stamping presses range in capacity from 30 to 4,000 tons ; from one to 1,500 strokes per minute ; from gap frame to straightside ; high speed to cold forging , transfer and progressive die ; material handling and coil feeding equipment . n
Above and right : MVD i-Bend D series press brake with control .

Sheet metal specialist

MVD Makine , a Turkish technology specialist in the sheet metal processing industry , was founded in 1950 and has supplied more than 90 countries since 1994 , working with over 60 international dealers . Its main product portfolio includes : -
■ Press brakes ( iBend ).
■ Guillotine shears ( iShear ).
■ Fibre laser cutting machines ( iLaser ).
■ Plasma and oxy cutting machines ( iPlasma ).
■ Punch presses ( iPunch ).
■ Expanded metal presses ( iExpand etc .).
It has been making large investments in R & D and P & D since 2017 , improving its servo press brakes ( belt pulley , screw-driven and hybrid types ) and developing a laser-compatible automatic sheet loading system as well as fine-tuning the quality , lifetime , efficiency and durability of its machines . With its continuous development policy , it encourages both its employees and the whole sector to develop with process improvement , organisational improvement , marketing improvements and innovation projects .
MVD introduced its first industrial 4.0-compatible robotic press brake in 2018 at the EuroBLECH exhibition in Germany . In the same year , it started to provide remotely connected services for users and customers .
The iLaser fibre laser cutting system .
“ We equip our machines with the latest technologies , to make them more powerful and efficient as well as user-friendly and secure ,” it told ISMR .
The company introduced its first servo press brake to customers in 2018 , offering the “ E ” ( belt pulley system ) and “ S ” ( screw- driven system ) variants .
“ Bending processes are faster , consume less energy and , most importantly , reduce production and maintenance costs compared to traditional press brakes ,” it added .
MVD has also placed special emphasis on its after-sales service to customers , particularly during recent global supply chain issues .
“ The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered not just the supply chain , but also the global chip crisis and raw material supply issues . We have stood by our suppliers over this period and worked with them to solve any issues . We are also constantly working to minimise the effects of any disruption on our customers . We provide free training to our customers and dealers on the best use and maintenance of our machines ,” MVD explained .
Meet MVD at Maktek Konya ( 11-14 May ); FABTECH Canada ( 14-16 June ); Maktech İstanbul ( 1 October ) or EuroBLECH ( 26-28 October ). n
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