ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 39

the hard life ahead . The imagery of the album plays out like 12 mini movies full of dust bowl era earth tones and unbelievably high stakes . The music has an outlaw country vibe , and his most passionate vocal delivery to date .
This release , recorded by ROBERT LUGO at DBB RECORDS , also features a full band aesthetic more than his previous work . While the full band approach takes the music to another level , sonically the material is crafted in a fashion that works on a solo level . When asked about this , Kerr said , “ I love playing in both situations ! I have to think of the songs differently and work the crowd differently , depending on the scenario . Most of the full band shows are within a short drive from home base , so if I ’ m on the road , I ’ m on my own . As far as writing goes , it ’ s a little of both . I initially write all of the songs myself before I bring them to the band . When we ' re writing as a band , I have to consider how the song will feel when I play it solo . It makes me keep the energy level up while performing , so the song feels as exciting as it would if it was being performed with the guys and all their parts .” Writing songs with this versatility is a function of need , but also displays the savvy that comes from years of being a true DIY artist . The years of learning on the road and at home are certainly paying off .
As I listened to “ Live Well ” before I sat down to write this piece , I was sitting in bustling metropolitan traffic . The Saturday night crowd was pouring into the downtown streets . I was surrounded by all the things that make living in a major city great--and a few things that make it a nightmare . As red lights turned to green and back to red , I found myself getting lost in the music . For a moment , I was back in my own rural youth , slamming stolen Jack Daniels and dreaming of another life . It ’ s a wild journey to take , but if Ryan Kerr comes to your town , you should definitely take the journey with him .
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