ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 38



Music by Ryan Kerr “ The Stattison Family Name ”
Story by Tim Campbell • Photography by Chase Duncan
It ’ s been said time and time again that a picture is worth a thousand words . This sentiment is as cliché as it gets , but the hits are hits for a reason . Entire museums and college courses are dedicated to how a simple painting can create a visceral reaction no one saw coming . As often as this is the case , I believe that the opposite can also be true . The right song at the right time can be a transformative experience . When heartfelt lyrics combine with the perfect musical accompaniment , you feel like an active participant in the life of the song writer . When I listen the music of Fort Wayne , Indiana ’ s RYAN KERR , I can ’ t help but go into the world created by his songs .
Ryan Kerr has been performing and recording as a singer / songwriter since 2009 . In that time , he has crafted a prolific style of folk music that is as introspective as it is rebellious . With elements of punk rock abandon , fans of CHUCK RAGAN , FRANK TURNER and JOHN K SAMSON will feel right at home diving into Kerr ’ s collection of releases . Soulful vocal delivery mix with mournful guitar on his first release , 2010 ’ s tour split with SCOTT HENSLEY , entitled “ Fellas , We May Never Pass This Way Again ”. Kerr began touring the country around this time , taking week long runs on the road between his responsibilities working full time and raising four children with his wife . He has kept a busy schedule , playing nearly 70 shows a year between his local schedule and his touring .
In 2013 , Kerr appeared on another split EP release with PINK BALLOON BAND , and continued his active schedule . Despite only featuring two songs on the EP , the release marked a step forward in his writing lyrically , emphasizing his prowess as a lyrical story teller . The growth was further displayed on this first full-length album , 2016 ’ s “ Live Well ”. The collection of 12 songs takes you through the journey of a road-worn man trying to reconcile his past with