ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 | Page 40



"‘ Dust and Bone ’ is a satisfying sink-your-teeth-in album that grooves enough to also be radiofriendly . Anthony Krizan is arriving at a necessary time for music and may even be long overdue .” Jessica Guica / The Aquarian
“ Like the late Stevie Ray Vaughan , Krizan ’ s long-awaited debut ' Dust and Bone ' has the potential for lots of commercial radio airplay and the chance to turn a whole new generation onto the simple-yet-complex beauty of the blues and blues-rock .” ~ Richard Skully / Courier-Journal
“ If you are a fan of classic rock , especially Aerosmith , The Rolling Stones , Led Zeppelin , The Allman Brothers Band , The Black Crowes , JJ Cale , Eric Clapton , Stevie Ray Vaughan , Sonny Landreth , and The Beatles , you will love Anthony Krizan ’ s long-awaited solo debut LP , ' Dust and Bone '.” ~ Bob Makin / mycentraljersey . com

W W W . A N T H O N Y K R I Z A N . C O M

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"Dust and Bone"