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A Partnership Within: Art Students Support Primary Mathematics T accomplish this; foam board, pony he Elementary Mathematics Department decided to look for beads, and pipe cleaners were all it a partnership within our schools to would take. There was a major hurdle support the math learning for the to manage, however: foam board students in the four primary schools. can’t be bought in a manageable size. Over the past few years the We needed people who could manage implementation of the CT Core the tools of an artist to prepare foam Mathematics curriculum’s focus on a board and make it useable in deep understanding of number sense classrooms. So the Mathematics introduced us to many new strategies 
 Department turned to Richard Fahey for helping our young learners deeply and his high school student artists. investigate how our number system They agreed to partner with us and prepare the materials needed for works. primary students to build their own tools. One tool that has been introduced into our instruction is the Rekenrek®, a manipulative developed by a Dutch mathematician, used to decompose and compose numbers. We wanted to put a Rekenrek® into the hands of every one of our 1,100 K-2 students throughout district. We knew that with a few High School students configure affordable art supplies, we could material for number racks. Painstakingly, they cut 1,100 pieces of foam board into 4 x 6 rectangles and provided them to the primary school Art teachers, Ms. Delisio and Mrs. Martin, who, with the support of the building Math Consultants, had students make their own number rack. Now the students in the primary buildings are using their bead racks to understand 1 and 2-digit numbers, add and subtract within 100, and understand 2-digit place value. They are becoming better mathematicians through the help of the high school students. We sometimes only have to look within our own district to find great collaborations to enhance student learning. Thanks to the high school art students for supporting the learning of our younger students! ShopRite Supports Enfield Public Schools From the beginning of their time in Enfield, Ray and Charles Miller have built a relationship with Enfield Public Schools. They are yearly supporters of the Family Resource Center, through which they provide financial support for the Autism Support Group and other parenting programs. The Millers also highlight EPS students. They sponsor the m o n t h l y R a c h e l ’s C h a l l e n g e Exceptional Acts of Kindness Awards. This award recognizes students from John F. Kennedy inSights - Winter 2015 Middle School, Enfield High School, and Enrico Fermi High School for exemplary citizenship, leadership, and commitment to others. Recipients of this award have their picture and a brief write-up posted in Shop Rite’s lobby. The Millers go to each school and present the award and prize to each student. They also take out an advertisement in local newspapers to publicly acknowledge the recognition these students have received. Shop Rite has also offered their in-house dietician as a speaker to interested classes or school groups. Soon, the Art Department from EPS will be show-casing student work throughout the store. In addition, the Business Department has been working with Shop Rite and the Millers to bring real-world marketing experiences to their students. This is a partnership that continues to grow in new and exciting ways! !3