inSights Magazine Winter 2015 | Page 4

The Building Tomorrow Project Expands to 2,200 A partnership with LEGO® Systems, Inc., LEGO® Education, The LEGO® Foundation and Enfield Public Schools, The Building Tomorrow Project, entered its second year in September as students in all Grades K-5 are utilizing a LEGO® product to build their way to better understandings in English language arts, math, science, and social studies. Launched on September 23rd 2013in grades K, 2, and 4, the Building Tomorrow Project is a charitable gift from The LEGO® Foundation and includes products, training, technology, and support. In September 2014, all 109 classrooms in the primary and intermediate buildings became actively involved in building with bricks. Grade 1 students at Nathan Hale School conduct experiments with their race cars. Kindergarten students are continuing their work with Creative Builder ® : a brick based product designed to teach students the basics of building. Students have loved exploring shapes, position in space, and number sense using their kits in pairs. Grade two students continue to enthusiastically use Build to Express®. It has engaged them in hands-on lessons in higher-order thinking tasks including critical thinking, communication, and problem solving. In the intermediate buildings the fourth grade students using StoryStarter® are working on developing a deeper understanding of story structure, character analysis, genre, and point of view. Their building kits, used in small groups, help students develop the ability to analyze literature and retell stories, while enhancing their writing and editing skills. This year, grade one stude