inSights Magazine Winter 2015 | Page 2

ACC Instructor Chris Foster writes with a student. Middle School Computers and Technology Education Pathways As part of our robotics, computers, and technology education programs, Enfield worked with ACC to update our curriculum at JFK this y e a r f o r 6th g r a d e C o m p u t e r Education and 7th and 8th grade Technical Education. Sixth graders are now introduced to SCRATCH programming, which ties to mathematics concepts and computer logic. The students are highly engaged this animation-design programming with teacher Barry Scott at JFK, and are being well prepared for more advanced classes in future years. Even bigger changes have been made in the 7th and 8th grade Tech Ed classes. Two teachers from ACC, Chris Foster and Dan Coffin, come to JFK two days a week to teach Computer Aided Drawing with SolidWorks and advanced additive manufacturing. They are working in close partnership with Tech Ed teachers Adam Mitchell, Steve Fix, John Chaves, and department chair John Dague to integrate the ACC curriculum with our traditional materials design curriculum at JFK. An entirely new computer lab has been set up for the computer design work. Their instruction with 3D printers extends and enhances the already exciting and challenging curriculum delivered by our JFK teachers. Bringing ACC staff into our Enfield classrooms introduces our students to more career options, realworld applications, and college-level interest in the manufacturing and engineering fields. This coming summer, we’ll once again revise our curriculum to add even more challenging computer-aided design and three-dimensional scanning for next year’s 8th graders. One of the Enfield School District goals is to increase the number of graduates attending college. Future Extension into High School: ACC 5th Year Associate Degree In the fall of 2016, with the opening of the renovated Enfield High School and its new Enrico Fermi STEAM Wing, Enfield will extend our ACC partnership to high school. We will offer ACC partnert a u g h t c l a s s e s i n Te c h n o l o g y Education in 9th grade, and, the following year, in 10th grade. These more intensive classes will provide detailed skill development in design, robotics, metals, engineering, and manufacturing. Students selecting this learning path will be able to take Steve Fix assists a student with 3-D design. courses at ACC in their junior and senior years on more advanced manufacturing equipment, earning college credits as they do so. To further offer opportunities to students, 42v