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THE NEXT GENERATION OF STAINLESS STEEL STUDS X-BT Stainless Steel Threaded Studs You’ve relied on the X-BT threaded stud for nearly two decades to attach grating, medium and light-duty multi-purpose fastening, and electrical grounding and bonding applications. With the next generation of X-BT studs, you can count on all the same benefits plus up to 2.5x allowable torque, shear, and tensile loads. The new stud design features one-piece design and new tip geometry. Utilizing Hilti’s premium battery and powder- actuated tool technology helps assure reliable installation in any environment or setting. The specially designed step drill bit controls the depth of penetration, and the stud’s integrated sealing washer means there is no re-work required even in the most corrosive environments. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Fastening cable trays, cable ladders, channels, struts, light-duty electrical installation (T-bars, instrumentation panels, junction boxes), fitting out and much more • Fastening to fire coated (PFP) beams • Bonding and earthing/grounding • Fastening gratings to steel structures using X-FCM-M or X-FCM-R grating discs and X-FCS grating elements Advantages • No rework necessary on coated steel — corrosion protection remains intact • Secure — creates a weld to the base material for an extremely strong hold and high loading capacity • Portable, cordless system — eliminates the need for long electric supply cords • Fast — ideal for fastening directly to coated or treated steel • Corrosion-resistant — suitable for marine, offshore and petrochemical applications, power plants, etc. • High vibration resistance Technical data Material composition Duplex stainless steel (1.4462) Point type Blunt tip Base material Steel, stainless steel and cast iron Max tightening torque 14.75 ft-lb (20 Nm) Minimum thickness of base material 5/16” Thread size 3/8”, 1/4” 8 mm (grating) Height W10/W6: 24 mm, M8: 14 mm Description Threaded stud X-BT-MR W6/7 SN 8 Item number 2194338 Threaded stud X-BT-MR W10/15 SN 8 2194341 Threaded stud X-BT-GR M8/7 SN 8 2194344 Elec. connector X-BT-ER W6/7 SN 8 2194350 Elec. connector X-BT-ER W10/7 SN 8 2194353 Accessories Description Item number Torque tool X-BT 1/4" 20Nm / 14.8lbft 2212510 Stepped drill bit TX-BT 4.7/7-80 2197930 Stepped drill bit TX-BT 4.7/7-110 2197931 NUT SETTER S-NS 9/16" C 95/3 3/4" S-BT 2149246 Socket wrench insert X-NSD 1/4" - 7/16" 2197935