Innovation - January 2019 English | Page 4

BALANCE. SAFETY. RELIABILITY. Hand-held gas saw DSH 600-X Made possible by more than four years of dedicated, non-stop innovation, the Hilti gas- powered DSH 600-X hand-held saw builds on the legacies of our popular DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X. that stops the saw blade in under 10 seconds. This gas saw offers superior performance, balance and jobsite safety while weighing in at only 21.7 pounds. Optimized for masonry, concrete and steel cutting, the DSH 600-X is reliable, easy to start and easy to maintain. The DSH 600-X features a 12” blade yielding nearly a 5” cutting depth with a diamond blade, versatile 180-degree cutting at any height, and innovative blade brake technology Pair the DSH 600-X with our innovative SPX Equidist 12” blade to experience incredible power and productivity. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES Applications • Easy starting: unique auto choke system • Outcuts other 12” saws: cuts to a depth of 4 ¾” with a 12” diamond blade • Blade brake technology: blade stops in less than 10 seconds • Pre-tensioned belt: no belt maintenance required by user • Cyclone filter: separates large particles of dust to improve air flow, filter lifetime and power output • Easy maintenance: fast and easy starter rope repair and filter replacement • Maximum cutting speed: thanks to customized Hilti SPX equidist blade • Reversible arbor flange: fits all 12” Hilti and other blades Advantages • Masonry work: cutting bricks and blocks to size • Metalwork: cutting steel/rebar, steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets • Laying pavers: cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size • Landscape/Pool work: cutting granite block or other materials for walls, pools, etc. • Road construction: perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete • Construction work: cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls we want to hear from you