Innovation - January 2019 English | Page 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS DIRECT FASTENING PT&A Stainless Steel Threaded Studs X-BT Wormdrive Circular Saw SC 60W-A36 Battery-actuated fastener BX 3-ME 02 Cordless SDS Max Combihammer TE 60-A36 Gas-actuated fastener GX-IE Cordless Chipper TE 300-A36 Elec. connector S-BT-ER/EF W10 HC AWG4/0 Battery pack B 36/9.0 Li-ion Screw magazine SD-M 1 02 and Screw magazine SD-M 2 02 12-ton cordless crimper NCR 120-A22 Large diameter copper and aluminum cutter NCT 85-A22 INSTALLATION Seismic MQS Cordless jigsaw SJD 6-A22 Supports Selector Wall breakers TE 500 and TE 500-AVR SDS-max Hammer drill bits TE-YX ANCHORS Cordless sub compact reciprocating saw SR 2-A12 Expansion anchor HSL-3-R Cordless area light SL 6-A22 KCM-MD Flush anchor HDI-P TZ SERVICES Hilti Connect MEASURING Asset Management Compact distance meter PD-S TOOL FLEET MANAGEMENT DIAMOND PROFIS Engineering Wall saw DST 20-CA Hand-held gas saw DSH 600-X Tool Fleet Management ON TRACK ASSET MANAGEMENT ON!Track