Infuse Issue 8 June 2019 | Page 6

Image courtesy of Sarah Sheldrake Photography. Learn to Love the Skin You're In Before image courtesy of Andre Agnew. After image courtesy of Kate Ellis. Taryn Brumfitt creates The Body Image Movement W Tell us about the events that inspired you to create the Embrace documentary, and The Body Image Movement ow is the only word to describe Taryn Brumfitt, for those of you who were at Dietitians Unite 2019, you will know what I mean! A few years ago I posted my non traditional "before and after” photo and the world’s media stood up and took notice. People everywhere were astonished – how could a woman possibly love her body 'after'? Taryn had us laughing, crying and dancing in her amazing closing keynote speech. Infuse sat down with Taryn who founded The Body Image Movement, an internationally recognised mission to empower all women across the globe to better accept, enjoy and appreciate their bodies. Many applauded me for my bravery in posting the 'after' photograph however, many berated me for promoting obesity. There were others who labelled me a bad role model for my children. It got me thinking... © Dietitian Connection 6 Infuse | June 2019