Infuse Issue 8 June 2019 | Page 5

I recently asked this question on our DC Facebook group, and they came back with interesting answers: • The general public (and hence school leavers) don’t know what we do • Dietitians are paid lower than other male- dominated professions • Dietetics is predominantly counselling- based, which is still a bit taboo for men • Profession does not generally present itself as opinionated, progressive or innovative • Women are more interested in nutrition, health and body image I think it’s time we moved into the twenty- first century and put gender diversity at the top of our priority list. Diversity in all forms (but particularly gender) is important for our profession to ensure we have a wide range of perspectives, personality and leadership styles, now and in the future. Food and health is equally important to men and women, so together let’s warm the dietetics climate up to start a ‘man change’! Join the conversation in the DC Facebook group. Maree © Dietitian Connection 5 Infuse | June 2019