Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 20

ADVERTORIAL Taking action on Heart Health by Dr Tim Crowe High blood cholesterol levels are linked to an increase in the risk of heart disease and stroke which are diseases that represent major morbidity and mortality burdens in Australia and New Zealand. " Australians with an abnormal or high total cholesterol... are 1 in 3." Recent figures put the number of adult Australians with an abnormal or high total cholesterol at one in three. While in New Zealand, the average cholesterol level for adults sits at 5.39 mmol/L where health guidelines recommend it be below 4.0 mmol/L. Population testing shows a high prevalence rate of high cholesterol, but only a minority of people are aware that their cholesterol levels are high. This points to the importance of taking earlier action in having cholesterol levels tested. © Dietitian Connection 20 Infuse | March 2019