Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 19

What parts of Holly's now-famous message resonate most with you? I share Holly’s views about prioritising things that really matter. Those moments of clarity have come thick and fast working with people that are navigating a life-changing event or diagnosis. Little things like connecting with loved ones, spending time outside, and patting pets, shape and make a life. Why do you love being a dietitian? ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’ holds true for me. Working as a dietitian combines three things I enjoy: connecting with people, sharing my passion for food, and helping others heal from injury/illness. Your dedication to patient quality of life is inspiring. For those with spinal injuries, how does food and nutrition impact health, comfort and happiness? Food and nutrition choices remain accessible when so many other things have been taken away after a spinal cord injury (SCI). It doesn’t matter what a person’s swallow is like, or what their hands and legs can do, there’s always an opportunity to involve a patient in their nutrition care. For people who are tube fed, this might mean allowing them to choose how and when they want to receive enteral nutrition. For those that can eat, I’ve run to the local cafe for lattes and raided the hospital kitchen for Weetbix and milk (yes, that was a request) to provide favourite foods! Little food- related acts of kindness mean the world to people and provide meaningful physical benefits as well. Carpe Diem Award - in memory of Holly Butcher DC’s Carpe Diem Award is given out annually, in honour of Holly Butcher, to a dietitian who best exemplifies these traits: - Demonstrates compassion and kindness in his or her work. - Helps others to improve lives. - Displays a positive attitude in his or her everyday work, and inspires others to do the same. - Focuses on meaningful experiences and relationships to bring about meaningful change. - Goes above and beyond the general call of duty to improve the general well-being of patients. How has receiving this award impacted you and your work? It’s been a great motivator to continue on this path and keep up the little acts of kindness that can bring so much joy to patients. I’m excited to keep chipping away at my PhD research. © Dietitian Connection 19 Infuse | March 2019