Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 15

Get back to business basics. Many advisers are suggesting you ramp up your digital media presence now. I agree, but in many of my business coaching clients I see more benefit from getting back to basics and traditional marketing strategies. Operationalise with diverse income streams - it is always a danger to rely on one source of revenue. Many practitioners who rely on Medicare are seeing this now. What types of products or services can you add that can help you have a more sustainable business in times of crisis? Set up systems so businesses can run themselves. I have seen businesses this week affected because key employees have needed to self-isolate. What happens if this is you, or something happens to you or a key staff member? Get systems and processes in place and sort out that filing you have been waiting to do. Finally, get your database of potential customers ready so that when it is appropriate to do so, you can market your services. There are a number of free basic courses I have developed for YEP Entrepreneurship Facilitators and you can access these free of charge at article continues overleaf... Reflecting - Tara Ice Training and swimming the English Channel. Images courtesy of Tara Diversi © Dietitian Connection 15 Infuse | May 2020