Infuse Infuse 4 June 2018 | Page 44

How do YOU DIGEST ? Stats show that email marketing is highly effective. How effective? “… 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. 1 ” But how do you get started, if you don’t have a background in design (or have a design and marketing team on your staff)? And how do you keep costs low, to ensure great return on investment? At DC, you told us that you faced this very challenge. You sought a professional, scientifically accurate, consumer-friendly and timely communication tool, tailored to the needs of your clients. But you don’t have the time, resources or skills to be a newsletter creator. So, we introduced Digest: our e-newsletter creator that serves as a seamless extension of your brand. Start by using our simple customisation tools to design an e-newsletter that reflects your brand’s marketing: your logo, images, updates specific to your practice and a personalised introduction. Then, add content from our dietitian-vetted library: articles, recipes and images on a wide range of sought-after topics. Drop it into your custom framework, then send your e-newsletter directly to your clients. Reference: [1] Source: © Dietitian Connection 44 Infuse | June 2018