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Here’s why you should embrace this strategy, too... 1. Podcasting fits all budgets. Creating a podcast is fast, easy and cost- effective. The learning curve is not steep, and the equipment needed is a minimal investment – you may already have what you need. 2. It’s the perfect medium for today’s busy lifestyle. A podcast is easily transportable, and listeners can “tune in” wherever and however they prefer – at home, commuting, at work, even while exercising! 3. Podcasts are popular. Podcast awareness is exceptionally high in Australia: 89 per cent of adult Australians claim to be aware of podcasts, and more than half of adult Australians say they’ve tried podcasting. [1] 5. …and gain new clients. By launching a podcast, you’re creating a new platform for consumers to meet you and discover your expertise. 4. Podcasts can help you foster connections with your clients… You can share news, research and insights so that clients stay informed and inspired. It’s a great add-on to consults, and a way to keep in touch with your client database. What’s more, when you listen to a podcast, you really feel like you know that person a bit better -- which can help build better relationships with clients! 6. Podcasting can help you develop your niche. In addition to client retention and marketing, podcasts can elevate your profile among your colleagues. Showcase your knowledge by producing a podcast that centres on your area of expertise. This can lead to speaking opportunities and more. Understanding the power of podcasting is an important professional development skill for today’s health professional, and a savvy addition to your marketing strategy. Take the plunge today and increase your comfort level with this popular format that’s being touted as “the new talk-radio 1 .” And don’t forget to subscribe to the DC Podcast! Reference: [1] The Atlantic magazine, May 2017 © Dietitian Connection 43 Infuse | June 2018